Repurposing forms / Building new ones?

FormMapper can help!

Discover this amazing template designer for variable data forms that can increase productivity dramatically... guaranteed!
Key Benefits of FormMapper
  • Increases productivity through ease-of-use and built-in repurposing capabilities
  • Reduces total cost-of-ownership
  • High performance production component is multi-platform, scalable and modular
  • Produces razor sharp output suitable for high-speed scanning
  • Based on open standards guarantees no vendor lock-in
  • Integrates seamlessly into a complete document suite...
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Personalized business documents are important for addressing customers with relevant information at the right level, at the right time.

Who is it for?

For IT professionals and others responsible for maintaining form templates.

Customer success

Our customer used FormMapper to create a print template for credit denial letters. This took a short time as it is easy to insert conditional merge fields including POSTNET barcode in the template designer.
The resulting PostScript files contained up to 12,000 pages and were optimized in size and printing speed.

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